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The Young Faces

Through in-depth discussions with local young people over the last 2 years, No5 heard that young people need a way to help them better identify local services and support to help them with their mental health. With the vision young people shared, No5 teamed up with Red Balloon Design to make this a reality.

It was essential that young people were involved in every element of the project so No5 invited 2 interns from Reading University, and one local young person to work alongside Red Balloon Design, and have an impact on the support and services available to young people in the local community.

The project has scoped, designed and built a mental health support and services signposting website, specifically for the young people aged 11 to 25 in Berkshire West. The website provides mental health resources that would be helpful based on the questionnaire the young people filled out.

This website contains useful resources such as mental health information and services to help young people with different feelings and experiences such as anxiety, depression, anger, bereavement, gender and identity questions or issues, and worries about friends, family, school or work, and supports them to access services such as counselling, mentoring and youth clubs.

Our main goal was to create a platform to reach and impact a wide range of young people who live in Reading and its surrounding areas with the purpose of making a positive impact in their lives. We aim to help the specific needs of young people based on the questionnaire they individually answer. This will produce personalised results to offer valuable support resources and advice.

Two students from the University of Reading, one from Nottingham Trent University, and another local young person, worked on this project. The Reading students worked as interns for 10 weeks, while the Nottingham student was a current member of the Red Balloon team on a year-long internship.

Another local young person who worked on this project, has volunteered with No5 and also previously went through a crisis and has experienced hardship in life. No5 provided support such as counselling to this individual, and has supported them with paid work and this job opportunity to work with Red Balloon.

Red Balloon helped make the website look great and made sure it functioned properly. They gave lots of help and expertise to the young people and interns working on the website. The young people gave their ideas and thoughts on how the website should work for other young people. Red Balloon created a positive working environment and provided support to the young people throughout the project in order to ensure it was delivered successfully.

No5 Young People

A charity in Reading providing counselling and mental health services to support children, young people and those around them.

Reading FC Community Trust

Reading FC Community Trust offers a safe environment to care for, develop and educate the disadvantaged or at-risk young people with Reading and the surrounding areas

Red Balloon Design

Red Balloon are a web design, development and marketing agency based in Reading, Berkshire. We work with some of the greatest brands in the world.

NTU and University of Reading

We partnered with students from these Universities to deliver the project.